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Suchitra DeyHello, Guys Today I will let you know about a teacher with whom lots of embarrassing thinks happened with her just because of her gender.

Suchitra on a post of a teacher in Kolkata is harassed in an interview in which she is applying for higher schools teaching post. The reason for this harassment was gender. Suchitra is a transgender and a third category gender according to our Indian laws. She was asked many questions related to her private parts and knowing these questions you all we shocked. Suchitra was asked the reason behind her Breast and her private parts.


Suchitra asked size of her breast in an interview

Suchitra asked size of her breast in an interview

Suchitra a 30 years old transgender is suffering from human alleviation. She became very sad after seeing the mentality of all people towards the third gender. In 2014 our government has passed a law in which every third gender have right to education and a third column in the application forms for the third gender.

Suchitra wants to do something in her life on her self, on her own efforts but people like in the interview make every trans like Suchitra depressed. India is a democratic country and here every one right to share his/her opinion, give views on things. Suchitra told she was asked the reason for her big breast and can she give birth to a child or not. Anyone of you feels the same as Suchitra did in the interview.

Physical Appearance

Suchitra Dey

Suchitra Dey

In Interview, Suchitra was asked questions on her physical body related. She was judged on her ability and qualifications and she was having 10 years of experience in teaching and now she was trying to do much more. Suchitra is a good looking transgender wants to become a good teacher in her life so as to give lessons to the upcoming generation that gender does not define your ability to do work. Suchitra body measurement is 26-24-28 and her bra size is 32hb.


Suchitra Dey is a third gender/Transgender working as a teacher in a school in Kolkata. Her gender comes in between achieving her goals in her life. She did apply for a post for a teacher in higher school and she was insulted in the interview by asking her the badest questions ever asked her.

Suchitra Dey In an interview

Suchitra Dey

Suchitra questioned in an interview for the ability to give birth or not?

In the interview, Suchitra faced lots of trouble created by the examiners. Lots of harassed questions were asked of her which was really embarrassing. She was asked for her breast size, it is real or not and about the ability to give a birth to a child or not?

Really this was too much after the interview over Suchitra was very depressed but as she was well educated she decided to file a complaint against the examiners. She asked the government why this is happening to her in a fully democratic country?

Her case has taken and the inspection is going on.

Weight & Height

Suchitra Dey

Suchitra Dey

Suchitra Dey is a teacher by profession and she is very healthy transgender by body and mind. She is well qualified and wants to achieve her goals in her life. She is 58kg by weight and good looking trans of 5ft 8 inches tall.


  • Suchitra Dey a teacher in a normal school wants to fly her wings to reach on to high levels of success.
  • Suchitra has been harassed in an interview by the examiners.
  • She is transgender/ Third gender.
  • She is 30 years old trans.
  • She wants to apply for a higher teaching job.
  • She wants a better life and society in which there is no discrimination on basis of gender.